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Our Voyage

Created with the blend of rich expertise from nearly two decades, Universal Productions is the collaboration of Junaid Wani and Akash Randhir(Sky) with a motto to providing all event production services under one roof. This union gives wings to massive event companies, brands from across the globe and corporate giants, a base of new age technology,
upgraded light and event set ups and creative aesthetic value to all occasions.


Become the best “One stop destination” for all your event related needs.


We are the transformers that bring your imagination to life and let it shine bright for you.

Giving You More Than One Reason To Choose Us

  • Aesthetics

    A wide range of well curated products and services from our folio will offer you choices full of creativity leaving no stone unturned when it comes to aesthetics of your set-up.

  • Safety Measures

    Safety always sits at the top of our priority list. Our well trained employees make sure every screw is turned tight and every angle is set right.

  • New-age Technology

    We always ensure that we are in sync with the latest technology that turns your event into the never-seen-before world.

Our Team

The source of energy that we revolve around, our Master Crafters. Together, they are the center of our universe.



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